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Featured Program: Neurointensive Care in Liberec, Czech Republic

By Vera Spatenkova, MD, PhD, head of Liberec NICU, the Academy of Neurointensive Medicine, and the Neurointensive Section of the Czech Society of Intensive Care Medicine The neurointensive care unit (NICU) of the Neurocenter at the Regional Hospital in Liberec is the first combined...

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Featured Program: Neurocritical Care at the Paulo Niemeyer State Brain Institute (IECPN) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

By Pedro Kurtz, MD, PhD Paulo Niemeyer State Brain Institute (IECPN) was inaugurated in 2013 as Brazil’s first public hospital/institute entirely dedicated to the treatment of patients with neurological and neurosurgical diseases, and to research and teaching in the field. The hospital’s...

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Featured Program: Neurocritical Care at the University of Wisconsin

By Darsie Marin, MD, Tarula Erick, MD, and Medow Joshua, MD,MSc The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is situated on a large medical campus on the west end of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Located in the state’s capital, UW Hospital is a tertiary care...

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Neurocritical Care in Ecuador

By Nelson J. Maldonado, MD, Manuel Jibaja, MD, Claudio Scherle, MD, and Jose I. Suarez, MD (left to right) Ecuador is a South American country straddling the equator and crisscrossed by the Andean Mountain Range. It has a population of 14.5 million, and is bordered by Colombia to the North and...

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Wake Forest Neuro ICU Brings Innovation in Simulation in Testing a New ICU

By Aarti Sarwal (left), Janet Crumpler (middle) and Terri Gordon (right) Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center built a 24-bed neuro ICU in 2016 to accommodate a growing census and acuity of patients housed in the older 11-bed ICU that was an open bay design with limited space or privacy for...

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Wake Forest Neuro ICU: Impressions of a Visiting Professor

By Andrew Chang Music and medicine have a unique synergy. While it may seem obvious that music is concerned primarily with the art of communication, it has taken me years of clinical practice to realize that one of the hallmarks of medicine is not only about the science of healing but also the...