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Climbing Up the Ladder: Advice on Achieving Mid-Career and Leadership Success

By Jennifer A. Kim While career advice is often geared toward the training and early job stages, the roadmap to success throughout the remainder of one’s career is often not much clearer. Here, Dr. Wendy Wright, director of the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Emory University and chair of...

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Laying a Strong Foundation: How to Flourish as a Young Attending

By Jennifer A. Kim Securing one’s first job as an attending is an exciting time! The first few years of being an attending form a crucial foundation for success throughout the remainder of your career. For those who choose to enter academics, we interviewed Dr. Thomas Bleck, founding chair of...

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Locking it Down: Securing Your Ideal First Job

By Jennifer A. Kim After putting in so many years of studying, then blood, sweat and tears into residency and fellowship, it’s finally time to apply for a job! But, having only experienced life transitions in applications and matches, the job search process is daunting. Despite having...

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Forging Ahead: Tips on Applying for the Neurocritical Care Fellowship Match

By Anand Venkatraman and Alexis Steinberg Applying for your fellowship can be one of the most stressful times during residency. If it weren’t hard enough to have to navigate a busy program, family life and keeping up with your reading, now you have to send out emails, set up interviews and...

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Career Advice Series: The Journey to Success

By Jennifer A. Kim In this issue of Currents, I am very excited to share a four-article series offering career advice, from applying to fellowship to becoming a leader in neurocritical care. With the assistance of guest writers Dr. Anand Venkatraman, fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital,...