The Business of Neurocritical Care: Practice Models and Models of Documentation
By Ryan Hakimi, DO, MS, NVS, RPNI, CPB, FNCS 

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When assembling and organizing a Neuro ICU team, one must begin with the end in mind. It is important to note that each organization defines financial success of the Neuro ICU differently.
Pediatric Research Within the Neurocritical Care Society — Interview With Dr. Michelle Schober, MD, MS
By NCS Research Operations Subcommittee 
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Meet Dr. Michelle Schober, and learn about her involvement with the Pediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group ...
NEWS: Early Coma Induction for Status Epilepticus After Benzodiazepine Therapy Shortens Duration of Status and ICU Length of Stay
Reviewed by Shannon Hextrum, MD
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The treatment approach for SE recommends benzodiazepines as first-line therapy, followed by additional non-anesthetic antiepileptic medications if seizures continue ...
September 2021 President's Update: Fulfilling Our Mission Through Education
By Wade Smith, MD, PhD, FNCS
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While we may have already completed our formal education, continuing education is a crucial part of our career ...
Currents Is Seeking Contributors
By Currents Editor
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Currents is seeking contributors to grow our neurocritical care content offerings and showcase new perspectives ...