What is Open Access (OA) Publishing and Why Should I Care?
By Michael Diringer, MD 

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The financial infrastructure for scientific publishing is being completely transformed by a desire to ensure that scientific knowledge is freely accessible to all. The power behind this transformation resides with those who fund research; they are insisting that reports of work they fund be freely and immediately available.
Getting Ready to Celebrate World Coma Day
By Shraddha Mainali MD; J. Claude Hemphill MD, MAS; DaiWai Olson PhD, RN; Leonard Polizzotto PhD; Jose I Suarez MD; Keri Kim PharmD 
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World Coma Day is an international annual public event that will serve as a pivotal platform to bring about global awareness of the existing and novel science, education and patient care aspects of coma ...
Effect of Mechanical Thrombectomy Without vs With Intravenous Thrombolysis on Functional Outcome Among Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke
By Suzuki, Kentaro; Matsumaru, Yuji; Takeuchi, Masataka; et al.
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New research shows that mechanical thrombectomy alone did not demonstrate noninferiority regarding favorable functional outcome ...
From the NCS President: Education and Certification
By Wade Smith, MD, PhD, FNCS
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As NCS continues to grow and remain financially healthy, the board of directors stands committed to investing in education as one of our core missions, especially since these products can help members maintain professional certification ...
Currents Is Seeking Contributors
By Currents Editor
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Currents is seeking contributors to grow our neurocritical care content offerings and showcase new perspectives ...