A Prospective Observational Feasibility Study of Jugular Bulb Microdialysis in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
By Axel Forsse, Troels Halfeld Nielsen, Simon Mølstrøm, Jacob Hjelmborg, Kasper Stokbro Nielsen, Kevin Hebøll Nygaard, Sibel Yilmaz, Carl-Henrik Nordström, Frantz Rom Poulsen
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This observational study aimed to explore the feasibility of jugular bulb microdialysis in aSAH and describe the output characteristics in relation to conventional multimodal monitoring.
Neurocritical Care Education in the Dominican Republic
By Lauren Koffman, DO and Starane Shepherd, MD 
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Lauren Koffman and Starane Shepherd were welcomed back to the Dominican Republic in August 2019 ...
A Unified Approach to Brain Death Testing: The Neurocritical Care Society Brain Death Determination Course
By Lauren Koffman, DO, MS
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Many of us can resonate with Dr. Rubin’s personal interest in brain death determination, saying it is “one of the most profound things we do in neurocritical care — something we have to get right.” ...
NEWS: Effects of Tranexamic Acid on Death, Disability, Vascular Occlusive Events and Other Morbidities in Patients With Acute Traumatic Brain Injury (CRASH-3)
By CRASH-3 trial collaborators. Lancet. 2019 Nov 9;394(10210):1713-1723; Reviewed by Wazim Mohamed, MD
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TXA decreases fibrinolysis by inhibiting the enzymatic breakdown of fibrin blood clots ...
Share Your Stories of Hope
By Currents Editor
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The Currents Editorial Board is seeking Stories of Hope submissions for 2020 ...