Which Spreading Depolarizations Are Deleterious To Brain Tissue?
By C. William Shuttleworth, R. David Andrew, Yama Akbari, Cenk Ayata, Ramani Balu, K. C. Brennan, Martyn Boutelle, Andrew P. Carlson, Jens P. Dreier, Martin Fabricius, Eszter Farkas, Brandon Foreman, Raimund Helbok, Nils Henninger, Sharon L. Jewell, Stephen C. Jones, Sergei A. Kirov, Britta E. Lindquist, Carolina B. Maciel, David Okonkwo, Katelyn M. Reinhart, R. Meldrum Robertson, Eric S. Rosenthal, Tomas Watanabe, Jed A. Hartings
As featured in Neurocritical Care Journal

Recent work has shown that SDs occur commonly in human patients in the neurointensive care setting and have established a compelling case for their importance in the pathophysiology of acute brain injury.
Pharmacologic Neurostimulant Therapy in Acute Traumatic Brain Injury – Should the Seizure Risk Preclude Therapy?
By Megan E. Barra, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP, and Brian L. Edlow, MD  
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The efficacy of pharmacologic stimulant therapy in patients with severe traumatic brain injury was demonstrated in a 2012 randomized controlled trial that provided Level I evidence for using amantadine to accelerate subacute recovery ...
Guidelines Committee Update
By Monisha Kumar MD FNCS (left), Molly McNett, PhD, RN, CNRN, FNCS (right)
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The Guidelines Committee (GC) of NCS has experienced tremendous growth and evolution since its inception only ten years ago .....
Neurocritical Units Partner With First Responders
By P.J. Papadakos, MD, FCCM, FAARC, Director Critical Care Medicine University of Rochester and police surgeon for the New York State Police
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It should be the goal of every neurocritical care unit to provide community health education in conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, and one way to do this is to partner with first responders ....
Come and Connect in Vancouver!
By Mary Kay Bader, RN, MSN, CCNS, FNCS, FAHA (left) ; Lori Shutter, MD, FCCM, FNCS (right)
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As co-chairs of the 2019 NCS Annual Meeting, we are excited to share with our fellow NCS members information on what to expect at the meeting to be held October 15-18! ....