Impact of Sleep Deprivation in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit: A Narrative Review
By Victoria A. Chang, Robert L. Owens, Jamie N. LaBuzetta
As featured in Neurocritical Care Journal

Sleep is fundamental for everyday functioning, yet it is often negatively impacted in critically ill patients by the intensive care setting. With a focus on the neurological intensive care unit (NeuroICU), this narrative review summarizes methods of measuring sleep and addresses common causes of sleep disturbance in the hospital including environmental, pharmacological, and patient-related factors.
NEWS: Tranexamic Acid Administration Following Head Trauma in a Combat Setting: Does Tranexamic Acid Result in Improved Neurologic Outcomes?
By Morte D, Lammers D, Bingham J, Kuckelman J, Eckert M, Martin M; Reviewed by Wazim Mohamed, MD  
As featured in Currents

This study hypothesized that TXA administration in trauma patients would lead to improved neurological outcomes ...
NCS Kidspace: Advancing a New Standard for Academic Meetings
By Elissa Fory, MD (left), and Diana Greene-Chandos, MD (right)
As featured in Currents

Earlier this year, the NCS Executive Committee and Board of Directors approved a proposal of the WINCC Section to provide on-site, drop-off childcare at the NCS Annual Meeting starting in 2019 ...
childcare survey
Results of the Survey Estimating Need for Family Resources at the Neurocritical Care Society Annual Meeting
By Elissa Fory, MD and Diana Greene-Chandos, MD
As featured in Currents

NCS presented a survey regarding the need for various family resources at its Annual Meeting ...
cardiac arrest
NEWS: Optimizing MAP After Cardiac Arrest Increases Brain Tissue Oxygenation
By Sekhon MS, Gooderham P, Menon DK, et al.; Reviewed by: Kyle Hobbs, MD
As featured in Currents
This study used invasive multimodal neuromonitoring to characterize PbtO2 and its relationship to MAP, characterize cerebral autoregulation measured by pressure-reactivity index (PRx), and characterize the upper and lower limits of autoregulation ...