Neurointensive Care in Latin America: A Bright Future Ahead
By Clio Rubinos, Lia C. Franco Castro, Jorge Mejia-Mantilla 

Neurological critical care in Latin America has flourished, whether it involves taking care of post-surgical patients or the complex resuscitation of patients with severe neurological injuries...
Mentorship that Matters: How to Foster a Successful Mentor-Mentee Team
By Erin D. Wieruszewski, Hera A. Kamdar, Shraddha Mainali, Jennifer A. Kim 
As featured in Currents
Today we take a closer look into the successful pairing of Dr. Christa O’ Hana Nobleza and Dr. Shweta Goswami who were the inaugural winners of the Mentorship Award for their work together from 2019-2020...
The Boston Criteria Version 2.0 for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: A Multicentre, Retrospective, MRI–Neuropathology Diagnostic Accuracy Study
Curated Content
As featured in Currents

An international collaborative study sought to update the Boston diagnostic criteria for the full range of CAA presentations...
Will Isotonitazene Be Our New Overdose Crisis Drug?
By Peter J. Papadakos
As featured in Currents

Isotonitazene is a derivative of benzimidazole, an opioid analgesic....
Currents Is Seeking Contributors
By Currents Editor
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Currents is seeking contributors to grow our neurocritical care content offerings and showcase new perspectives ...