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ENLS in the Era of COVID-19: ENLS Lecture Series

By Currents Editor posted 03-26-2020 09:48


By Chitra Venkatasubramanian, MBBS, MD, MS, FNCS; George Lopez, MD, PhD; and Sarah Peacock, DPN 


We are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantines, lockdowns and shelter-in-home are the buzzwords, and schools have switched to continuing education using online curriculums. 

At NCS, we are not far behind. In fact, the idea for live online Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) lectures germinated in 2019 as we recognized the increasing demand for ENLS worldwide and the need to deliver high-quality educational content in a standardized fashion by leveraging online platforms. 

The objectives of the webinars are trifold:

  1. Deliver standardized content with experienced ENLS trainers
  2. Ensure access to these trainers regardless of where you live
  3. Incorporate flexibility to accommodate work schedules and time zones 

With this in mind, NCS is introducing the ENLS Lecture Series in the summer 2020. The ENLS Lecture Series is a 3-week webinar series with three repeating sessions each week offered at various times to suit varying schedules. 

The topics for each week are:

  • Week 1: ENLS Basics
  • Week 2: Stroke and Trauma
  • Week 3: Pharmacology and Spine. 

In a week, the three sessions will cover the same topics with two to three instructors who will interact with the learners and answer questions — just like in a live course. Learners can pick and choose which time slot they wish to attend each week and mix-n-match time slots as well. 

The ENLS Lecture Series can be purchased as a stand-alone or as a discounted bundle with the online ENLS or ENLS Recertification course. Visit the ENLS website for more details. And, if you are a certified trainer and would like to volunteer to teach, please reach out to

Let’s get learning.

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