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The Neurosciences at SCCM Congress

By Currents Editor posted 05-01-2019 09:45


Lau.jpegBy Winnie Lau, MD

No one was expecting rain in San Diego, but that did not stop the hordes of intensivists and critical care providers from converging on SCCM 2019. Neurocritical care providers were no exception, and the presence of the neurosciences was certainly palpable this year.  

The week began with a pre-congress educational session on neurologic monitoring in adult and pediatric ICU populations moderated by Erik Su and Cherylee Chang.  Attendees learned about neuro-imaging, EEG, ICP monitoring, brain oxygenation measurements, as well participated in skills-based sessions in neuro-related ultrasound techniques.

Once Congress officially kicked off, the neurosciences were loud and proud, thanks to our social media rockstar influencers, Neha Dangayach, Aarti Sarwal and Vineeta Singh. They brought enthusiasm, discussion and audience to our various neurocritical care focused talks, including Brain Bleed Essentials, Seizures 101 and Neurologic Complications of the Peripartum.  At Neuroscience Crosstalk, Agnieszka Ardelt and Emily Gilmore provided a lively debate on “Does Neuromonitoring Matter.” As usual, we had an excellent display of ongoing research conducted in the neurosciences across the country by our colleagues and trainees.

Roundtable discussions were a new addition to the SCCM schedule this year. These one-hour tabletop sessions were scattered throughout the conference and served as a new opportunity to engage in small group discussions about a variety of topics from mentoring to hospital systems efficiency, quality improvement and family communications. We were happy to see the neurosciences well represented by Avinash Kumar, Lori Shutter and Paul Nyquist, who led many of these roundtables.   

Congratulations to Lori Shutter who was announced chair-elect at the Neuroscience Section business meeting.  At that meeting, the section also approved a motion to add a third leadership position of Secretary Treasurer, as well as limiting the service years in each position to two-year terms.  With these changes, we hope to provide more support and continuity to achieve the long-term goals of the section.
We are also happy to see the neurosciences increasingly represented within leadership positions at SCCM. We extend congratulations to Aarti Sarwal and Veneeta Singh, who were nominated to the editorial board of Critical Care Medicine, joining current members Tom Bleck (Associate Editor), Cherylee Chang, Yaseen Arabi, Anish Bhardwaj, Paul Nyquist, Robert Stevens, Paul Vaspa, and Mark Wainwright. Cherylee Chang was also re-elected to the SCCM Council for the Neuroscience Designated Seat, and Marie Baldisseri was elected to SCCM Council in the Internal Medicine Designated Seat. Aarti Sarwal was also nominated to the Ultrasound Committee. We also had multiple neurointensivist faculty getting involved in SCCM initiatives, including Sachin Agarwal presenting for the THRIVE initiative and David Huang for the Family Engagement Collaborative. 

As you can see, neurocritical care had a great presence at SCCM this year. We even closed out the conference with a great attendance of more than 50 providers at our post-conference ENLS course, which only further demonstrates the great interest and need in neurocritical care training. We look forward to further collaborations with the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and keep your eyes and ears open for neuroscience opportunities at Critical Care Week 2020. 

SCCM Speakers: Wendy Ziai, Paul Vespa, Cherylee Chang, Gretch Brophy, Sheila Alexander, Emily Gilmore, Shar Zafar, Michele Mills, Venkatakrishna Rajajee, Avinash Kumar, Corina Oxford and Marie Baldisseri


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