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Introducing the 2022 Annual Issue of 'Currents'

By Currents Editor posted 10-17-2022 15:02


Moving Forward Together

With the Strength of Our Diverse Community 

The Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) is proud to launch the 2022 issue of Currents, featuring a compilation of content published on Currents throughout the year. 

Dr. Michael Reznik, Currents Editor-in-Chief introduces this year's issue...

"We continue to envision a bright future for NCS, and this year’s Annual Meeting theme, 'Caring, Curing + Moving Forward,' reflects the optimism within the society that has helped us overcome all the challenges the last several years have dealt us.

This optimism is born from the strength of our diverse community, and as our society becomes more inclusive and breaks through barriers of all kinds, the momentum that comes with it will help push us all forward—together. The future of neurocritical care has never looked brighter.

Currents has aimed to match the society’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, an endeavor that has led to a wealth of new perspectives and stories that represent just a small sampling of our international community. I encourage each of you to take the time to read these stories, whether in this annual collection of highlights from the past year, or directly on the Currents website where you can find many more great articles."

Currents highlights innovative ideas and perspectives from multidisciplinary neurocritical care clinicians, and we welcome you to share your insight with us. Please email Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Michael Reznik, for information on how to submit content.

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