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April 2021 President's Update: Introducing the Neurocritical Care Foundation

By Currents Editor posted 04-08-2021 18:10

By Wade Smith, MD, PhD, FNCS, and Paul Nyquist, MD/MPH, FANA, FCCM, FAAN

Introducing the Neurocritical Care Foundation

Dear NCS Members,

It was wonderful to engage with you all during World Coma Day on March 22. I am proud to lead a society that prioritizes raising awareness of coma as a treatable and recoverable clinical entity. Thank you to all who made the inaugural World Coma Day a success.

World Coma Day is not the only new initiative 2021 is bringing our society. I am thrilled to announce that the NCS Board of Directors approved the founding of the Neurocritical Care Foundation (NCCF) during our March board meeting. The NCCF is a significant milestone for our society, providing another source of funding that was previously untouched. I am proud of the charter and am confident that the foundation will be well governed under the leadership of Paul Nyquist. Thank you, Paul, for assuming this leadership position and joining me in this month’s message.

The NCCF was founded to foster collaboration between individuals and organizations who support and perform neurocritical care-related research, with an emphasis on treatments and cures for life-threatening neurological disorders. While NCS looks forward to collaborating with the NCCF, the foundation will be a completely separate entity from our society. It is fully dedicated to fundraising for research and education, with the well-being of our patients at heart.

The NCCF developed five strategic objectives to achieve over the next several years. The foundation aims to provide a platform and funding mechanism focused on improving the quality of care in critically ill patients with life-threatening neurological illnesses. In collaboration with NCS, the NCCF will form alliances dedicated to financial planning and the implementation of operational strategies. By aligning long-term fundraising strategies with the NCS Strategic Plan, the NCCF will promote fundraising that generates revenue and builds long-term relationships among the society, donors and the philanthropic community at large. Finally, the NCCF will develop focused quality improvement plans for care delivered in developing countries based on locally conducted research and focusing on the specific needs of local patients with neurological injury who require intensive care.

With all of these goals in mind, we will further the mission of supporting research and education to improve the survival and recovery of patients treated for neurological disease in the intensive care unit.

Over the next few months, the NCCF will prioritize recruiting the board of trustees, identifying funding sources and setting up business operations. We look forward to sharing more updates as the foundation begins to thrive. As the foundation begins to select trustees, we are interested in introductions to a few talented philanthropists who can leverage their experience to help fundraising; for example, a bank founder or business leader who has a personal connection to what we do.

If you have any questions or comments about the NCCF, please email Paul Nyquist or me with your thoughts.

Thank you for your support of the neurocritical care field. Because of you, we will continue to positively advance research and education while putting our patients first.

Best Regards,

Wade Smith, MD, PhD, FNCS
President, NCS Board of Directors
Professor of Neurology, UCSF
Email Wade

Paul Nyquist, MD/MPH, FANA, FCCM, FAAN
President, Neurocritical Care Foundation
Professor of Neurology, Anesthesia/Critical Care Medicine and Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Email Paul


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