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Welcome to the NEW INCC Corner, Committee, and Section

By Currents Editor posted 03-23-2021 07:08


Deepa Malaiyandi MD, Hana Nobleza MD, Marin Darsie MD, H.E. Hinson, MD

Welcome to the new Inclusion in Neurocritical Care (INCC) Corner of Currents

Our Editorial Board Members Drs. Hana Nobleza (WINCC Subcommittee Co-Chair) and Deepa Malaiyandi (INCC Chair) are excited to be able to bring the membership curated content on all things highlighting the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and opportunities within NCS. The INCC Corner is authored by the new INCC Committee and INCC Section,which are all expansions of the previous WINCC Corner and Section to serve the membership more broadly. 

INCC has a number of goals which include:

  1. Establishing a transparent, data-driven approach to ensuring that all of the NCS opportunities including meeting speakers, leadership positions, funding, etc., become more reflective of the diversity (race/ethnicity, sexual and gender minorities, women, varied abilities, age, professional discipline, military service member, and any other groups we come to identify) within the membership. 

To make this happen we are expanding our demographics collection within your NCS membership profile. We are collecting this information to better understand the make-up of our membership, what’s important to you, and what we can do to better meet serve you! All personal and/or profession demographics  questions will be optional. 

  1. Developing a sustainable infrastructure through social media including a dedicated webpage to support expanding our current INCC/Trainee Committee Mentorship (Co-Leads Galen Henderson MD, Nick Morris MD), INCC Speakers List Program and Promotions and Tenure programs (Co-Leads Christa Swisher MD, Salia Farrok PharmD), to include other diverse populations. 

This new webpage will also serve to highlight the progress of INCC and the NCS in achieving its DEI goals, opportunities to get involved, and for you all to let us know what ideas, projects and services you want to see INCC take-on. We are thankful for Jamie Pica ACNP and Zach Thelked MD, our social media/PR co-leads for overseeing setting up this key platform that many of our projects will depend on. 

  1. Creation of an INCC section to house affinity groups for various underrepresented groups to exchange ideas and find support.

 To begin, will have an affinity group representing each of the INCC subcommittees -  WINCC (women) SGM (sexual and gender minorities) and UENCIC (underrepresented ethnicities and intersectional concepts), with the flexibility to create more based on membership needs. 

  1. Development and distribution of education content related to diversity, equity and inclusion 

This starts with our Currents INCC Corner which will feature educational pieces from our subcommittee education leads Lucia Rivera-Lara MD (WINCC), Tommy Thomas MD, PhD (UENCIC), and Sara Hefton MD (SGM). 

We’re also pleased to host an Inaugural INCC Keynote Session during the upcoming NCS 19th Annual Meeting. We are grateful to Nerissa Ko MD, our INCC Board Liaison and inaugural keynote speaker. 

We will also plan to host educational sessions and workshops during the NCS 20th  Annual Meeting and beyond. 

  1. Creation of a new INCC Book Club 

The first ever INCC book club, lead by Gabrielle Horstman MD/Trainee, met on February 24 to discuss the book, Between Grit and Grace by Dr. Sasha Schillcutt. It was well-attended and made for a lively discussion. We are looking forward to the upcoming book clubs, which will be held quarterly. We are always looking for book suggestions. We would love to see your future book recommendations posted on the INCC section discussion board. 

  1. Establish framework for DEI related research for the field of neurocritical care.
This will be led by our subcommittee NCRC Liaisons Riad Ramadan MD, Shraddha Mainali MD, Rodney Leacock MD. 

INCC Leadership and Subcommittee Updates

The former WINCC Section Leaders are very excited to be expanding our work force and working with all the amazing individuals who stepped-up and volunteered to help get INCC off the ground.

Our INCC Subcommittee Co-Chairs and Co-Chair Elects are dedicated to building and creating additional tailored resources and opportunities for the members their subcommittees represent. 

The WINCC subcommittee (Co-Chair Marin Darsie MD, and Co-Chair Elect Ebonye Green ACNP), is excited about the return of an in-person option for the NCS Annual Meeting this October in Chicago, IL. We invite you to join the events we will be hosting, coordinated by our Families Project Lead Kaylee Marino PharmD. These include the inaugural INCC Families Night (with both in-person and online options to attend), following in the tradition of the annual WINCC Family Night and “virtual childcare” resources. WINCC will continue to support the many other INCC initiatives which originated within the former WINCC Section (e.g., the Mentorship program, the Speaker’s List, etc.).  

The SGM Subcommittee (Co-Chair H.E. Hinson MD, Co-Chair Elect Starane Shephard MD) is dedicated to the reduction of healthcare disparities for the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as fostering a supportive environment for NCS members who identify as part of this community or as allies. We hope to promote NCS as an open, supportive, welcoming society to members from diverse backgrounds. We have a rich, interdisciplinary membership and leadership, and we aim to cultivate an environment where everyone feels welcomed and included. We hope to foster these goals with outreach, advocacy, informal mentorship programs and networking events. 

The UENCIC (Co-Chair Hana Nobleza MD, Co-Chair Elect Jon Cokley PharmD) envisions to create an environment where the NCS representation reflects the member population that they serve. The mission of this subcommittee is the promotion of best practices and advancement of diversity initiatives within NCS under INCC with special attention to Underrepresented Ethnicities and individuals that identify with one or more intersectional concepts. To be more inclusive of our international members, we also have Riad Ramadan MD and Fernando Mediano CNP, as our Global Partners Committee Co-Liaisons. Some of the projects we are looking forward to include establishing a UENCIC pipeline, UENCIC mentorship relationships and UENCIC research. 

The INCC Committee would especially like to thank the NCS Leadership (Officers, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors) our Board Liaison Nerissa Ko, our INCC Past-Chair Diana Greene-Chandos, and our NCS Executive Staff Sharon Allen and Tissy Greene for their passion, ideas, dedication and ongoing support in ensuring the success of INCC.


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