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Getting Ready to Celebrate World Coma Day

By Currents Editor posted 02-16-2021 07:05

World Coma Day

By: Shraddha Mainali MD; J. Claude Hemphill MD, MAS; DaiWai Olson PhD, RN; Leonard Polizzotto Ph.D; Jose I Suarez MD; Keri Kim PharmD.

The Curing Coma Campaign (CCC), a crucial enterprise of the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS), was launched at the NCS 17th Annual Meeting in Vancouver B.C. with a vision to create a world where patients in coma are treated early and recover. The mission of this campaign is to promote recovery of consciousness through early intervention and long-term support. This campaign provides a platform to facilitate synergistic workflow among various simultaneous global efforts surrounding education, discovery, advancement, promotion, integration and standardization of coma care. The strategic plan and ongoing efforts of CCC are detailed in the 2019-2020 newsletter which is available here.

One of the key aims of the CCC is the world-wide promotion of coma awareness by bringing together diverse stakeholders including patients, families, clinicians, scientists, educators, sponsors, philanthropists and interested individuals. To allow such multidisciplinary engagement and integration at a global level, the CCC has announced the launch of the first World Coma day (WCD). World Coma Day is an international annual public event that will serve as a pivotal platform to bring about global awareness of the existing and novel science, education and patient care aspects of coma and disorders of consciousness (DoC).

The key objectives of WCD are to:

  1. Raise awareness of coma and DoC as treatable and recoverable clinical entities;
  2. Provide public updates regarding key initiatives of the CCC;
  3. Provide an engagement platform for global coma community including scientists, clinicians, educators, patients, families and industry partners;
  4. Promote global participation and collaboration in current and future efforts related to coma and DoC, and;
  5. Bring together global experts for public education and scientific updates on coma and Doc.

In addition to these objectives, one of the major goals of this event is to awaken hope and enthusiasm regarding coma among the global community.

The inaugural World Coma Day will be held on March 22, 2021. It is programmed to be a 24-hour international online event featuring stories of remarkable recovery, science talks by world class experts, educational sessions for clinicians, patients and families, “shout-outs” from hospitals and rehabilitation units around the world and the announcement of the results of the COME TOGETHER global survey of health care providers to understand the spectrum of variability in coma epidemiology, evaluation and treatment practices across the world

Registration for World Coma Day is free for all, and is open to the scientific community as well as the general public. NCS members and supporters are highly encouraged to register for this public event and show your support and participation in this critical mission.


Register for World Coma Day

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