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New Simulation Content for Emergency Neurological Life Support® (ENLS)

By Currents Editor posted 09-03-2020 14:38


By George Lopez, Chitra Venkatasubramanian and Sarah Peacock

We are excited to announce that after much consideration and evaluation, Emergency Neurological Life Support® (ENLS) will receive a major upgrade in Fall 2020! NCS has partnered with Designing Digitally, a company that specializes in simulation content to build several virtual simulation cases in the online ENLS course. Virtual simulation has gained popularity in healthcare and throughout education as they help leaners integrate information in a safe manner. We anticipate the developed self-paced simulation cases will help enhance and solidify the learner’s application of the ENLS material in an interactive and fun learning environment.

This project is the culmination of several years of work on behalf of multiple volunteer members. Our task force first evaluated if simulation was perceived as beneficial and an added value to the ENLS course. We received overwhelming affirmative feedback (> 90%) from NCS members and ENLS learners across the globe. Our next step was to solicit mock simulation content from multiple simulation companies, which were vetted by the task force. After selecting Designing Digitally, the task force members then brainstormed about what ENLS content represented high value for our learners and would easily lend itself to online simulation. We identified six high-impact modules, including acute stroke, traumatic brain injury, ICH and coma, meningitis and acute weakness. The selected scenarios and modules represent the most common neuro-emergencies encountered across the globe and where providers of neurocritical care from all backgrounds can play a vital role in improving outcomes in the golden hour. The task force then wrote simulation cases and scenarios to be built into the virtual environment. This was a multidisciplinary effort to create content that will be useful to all levels of learners from all disciplines. We also worked with international NCS members to ensure content was beneficial to providers across the globe. We are excited to launch this offering at no additional cost at the Annual Meeting in September 2020. We are excited to have ENLS course participants take these self-paced modules and give us feedback that we can use to refine the scenarios and build additional cases.

While this project focused on creating simulation cases in the virtual environment, we recognize the need to create case content to be used in-person with high-fidelity equipment.  Such cases could be paired with live courses to allow attendees to apply the content. The next stage of the simulation project is planned to include content for this purpose.

Over the years, this work evolved with the help of numerous NCS members with passion for education and ENLS. We could not have accomplished this project without the help of many individuals, including (in alphabetical order) Chinar Agarwal, Wendy Chang, Barry Czeisler, Deepa Malaiyandi, Nick Morris, Christa O’Hana Nobleza and Chris Robinson. We are also deeply thankful to our NCS-ENLS staff team of Tissy Greene, Becca Stickney, Bonnie Rossow and Mario Russo.


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