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Neurocritical Care ON CALL: From Inception to the Future

By Currents Editor posted 07-27-2020 10:36


By Katharina Busl and David Greer

NCS_332008-19_OnCall_Logo_RegisteredTM.pngWhat is Neurocritical Care ON CALL?

Neurocritical Care ON CALL is the subscription-based, up-to-date, comprehensive online resource dedicated to the multi-disciplinary practice of neurocritical care. It was launched in the summer of 2018 by the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS). The platform features easy-to-navigate text content, tables, figures, videos and other media. The chapters offer content for every neurocritical care team member. Since inception, the platform has launched 21 new topics, including the most recent chapter addition: Ethics in Neurocritical Care.

What makes Neurocritical Care ON CALL special?

The chapters are authored by a highly curated team of multidisciplinary experts in neurocritical care, and are updated every 6 months to reflect the latest data and knowledge for each chapter. Each chapter contains, as applicable, a nursing and pharmacy section, which allows for studying a topic from all angles that are relevant in practice. Many chapters are supplemented by webinars and video content that allow insight into a topic through the lens of an expert. Subscribers are notified about updates automatically.

What does the future hold for Neurocritical Care ON CALL?

Over the next six months, in addition to continuously updating existing topics and content on the site with new and relevant information, we plan to release additional topics, including Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Pregnancy and Quality of Care Metrics.

Neurocritical Care ON CALL already has become an integral part of NCS’s APP and Pharmacology Orientation courses, intended to orient Advanced Practice Providers and Pharmacists new to neurocritical care. We are hoping to broaden its use to neurology residencies, neurocritical care fellowships, and general critical care trainees and providers.

We are committed to promoting Neurocritical Care ON CALL as the No. 1 go-to online reference for practicing neurointensive care team members. Look out for updated offers, discounts and educational bundles with other NCS educational resources and offers.


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