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WINCC Speakers Program Connects Women in Neurocritical Care to Speaking Opportunities

By Currents Editor posted 05-16-2019 13:30


Christa_O_Hana_S__Nobleza.jpegDiana-Greene-Chandos.jpgBy Christa O’Hana S. Nobleza, MD, MSCI, (left) and Diana Greene-Chandos, MD, FNCS (right)

The Women in Neurocritical Care (WINCC) recently announced the creation of the WINCC Mentorship Subsection headed by Christa O’Hana S. Nobleza, MD, MSCI. This Subsection is composed by a multidisciplinary group of women members including Christa Swisher, Stacey Bennett, Salia Farrokh and Julia Durrant. There are currently several projects ongoing under this Subsection.

The most recently launched program is the WINCC Speakers Program. If you are someone in your career, whether in academic or non-academic setting, at the junior or mid-career level looking for opportunities to be recognized or invited as a speaker for career development, promotion or to increase diversity, this program is for you.

Although there are speakers’ programs available in other specialties, this is the only speakers program specifically for women in the field of neurocritical care. We invite even international WINCC Section members to participate in this.

The main aim of the WINCC Speakers Program is to develop, maintain and make available a multidisciplinary WINCC speakers list for various national and international societies and institutions to enhance career development of the participants.

To be part of this program, we encourage that you join the WINCC Section and complete the form through this link.

This will be a great way to increase speakership diversity, and it’s an opportunity for WINCC members to improve their CVs and be invited to be speakers.

Several other programs are in process, and more information will be announced in the next few months, including a Sponsors Program, Leadership Program and a Research Methodology Program — all with the goal of helping mentors and mentees.

The Subsection still welcomes anyone with an interest in mentorship to join this dynamic group. Email for questions about the programs or if interested in being a WINCC mentor or mentee.


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