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Ethics Section Establishes Forum for NCS Members to Debate and Pose Ethical Questions

By Currents Editor posted 05-16-2019 13:26


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By Ariane Lewis

The Neurocritical Care Society Ethics Committee has created an Ethics Section to allow all members of the Society to pose ethical questions and debate about ethical topics.  This is the Society’s twelfth Section (it joins the list of other Sections, including those for for Advanced Practice Providers, Fellowship Directors, Global Members, NCS Members, Non-Neurologists, Nurses, Pediatric Neurocritical Care, Pharmacists, Physicians, Trainees and Women in Neurocritical Care). 

Participation in Sections is a great way to communicate with a large number of people in the neurocritical care community who have shared background or interests. 

There are numerous ethical conflicts in medicine, particularly in the field of neurocritical care:

  • What should you do if your patient has no healthcare proxy or surrogate to make decisions on their behalf?
  • Is it ethical to not offer placement of an external ventricular drain to a patient with hydrocephalus in the setting of a large brainstem hemorrhage?
  • What should you do if a family objects to performance of an apnea test?

This Section will allow members who confront ethical conflicts to have a defined forum to explore solutions to these problems with peers in the neurocritical care community from around the world.  Of course, questions should be posed in a general manner, and PHI should not be included. 

This Section will also foster discussion about ethical articles in the literature.  Please consider joining and posting!  We look forward to some stimulating exchanges.


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